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Future agriculture—shineon horticulture lighting

According to Technavio, a market research agency, the global market for plant growth lamps will exceed $3 billion by 2020 and will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12% by 2020, which means that LED applications in plant growth have huge potential market.With the shortage of energy resources and the reduction of arable land, the role and necessity of     plant factories has become more and more prominent - they can get rid of land and produce more agricultural products with less arable land and water resources. And horticulture lighting is an important part of it,light fertilizer is used instead of chemical fertilizers, artificial light sources are used instead of sunlight.This is the key to achieving a high-yield and environmentally friendly plant factory.
Traditional horticultural lighting is mainly achieved using high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, and incandescent lamps. These light sources are selected according to the human eye's adaptability to light, and plants have completely different absorption spectra, which results in most energy of the traditional light sources being wasted, and the promotion of plant growth is not obvious enough.


Chlorophyll absorption spectra Human eye spectral sensitivity curve
Spectra to promote plant growth are mainly concentrated on blue light at 450nm and red light at 660nm. The requirements for red and blue light ratios for different plants and different plant growth stages are also different. Due to its good spectral plasticity, LEDs can be designed according to the specific spectrum of different plants.
ShineOn horticulture lighting series has developed targeted spectrum products based on different plant types. 


High photon flux efficiency monochromatic light products.


Adaptable to most horticulture lighting applications.


Layered Lighting


Interior Lighting


Interior Lighting

Top lighting
In addition, in order to balance the needs of plant growth with human eyes, ShineOn offers a spectrum suitable for small-scale home planting.


ANSI 3500K 7-step, Ra90, can meet daily lighting needs, At the same time, 2.1umol/J photosynthetical photon flux efficiency and suitable red-blue ratio can meet the demand for plant growth.
ShineOn is committed to the development of high-quality horticulture lighting sources and provides a complete solution for the promotion and application of LED in the field of horticulture lighting.  

Post time: Oct-10-2020